Travel theme: Spooky

We attended yesterday a trick or treat party at Xavierville III, near our subdivision in QC, Ph. So, I took advantage of creepy pictures that I can contribute here.

Let’s start with the spooky monsters…

And continue with the cute ones…

My daughter as Tigger

My niece as Snow white

Our neighbor Yohan as Spider Man and my nephew Aaron as Buzz Lightyear…

Party started with games and magic shows…They also picked 10 winners for Best in Costumes. Andrea won.. Yippee!!!

House to house Trick or Treat

With all the goodies we had, my nephew was so delighted. Hahahaha…

I hope you had a wonderful celebration as well. But don’t forget the real essence of Halloween, to pray for our departed ones.

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My Passport Holder

After searching for the right passport holder, finally I found the one! I love that aside from the chic design, this holder is also functional. You can put your boarding pass inside plus your cards and some cash. Your travel essentials in just one place. Thanks to Effegi.

I bought it in SM Cubao. After much deliberation which took me for 30 minutes from deciding which one to pick, I decided to get the bronze color. They also have pink and red. My daughter prefers the red one but I didn’t like it that much.

I thought the holder can fit two passports and was I wrong. So, now I’m back to searching (again) another passport holder this time around for my daughter. I like a cute one for her. If  possible, with a cartoon character. I don’t know where to get it but my search begins again…

I’m curious what passport holder you have. Can you show it to me please and include information on where to get it.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big (Fort Santiago)

Reconstructed main gate of Fort Santiago. I highly recommend to click that link.

What a huge gate, right? By the way, this was the old gate…

This gate was built as a defense fortress by the Spaniards. The fort is part of the structures of the walled city of intramuros in Manila, Philippines.

Today, it is open for public with an entrance fee of P75 for adults and P50 for children and senior citizens.

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CBBH Photo Challenge : Windows (Featuring Intramuros)

My recent visit to Intramuros triggered me to join for this challenge. This place was the home of Spaniards during the 16th century. As you know, Philippines was colonized by them. I myself have a Spanish blood, about 25 %. My great grand father was a 100% Spanish.

Malaga is a city in Spain (correct me if I’m wrong) which is our host for this challenge. So, take a pick of our historical heritage from Spain.

First and second picture – Ruins of Intendencia Aduana

San Agustin Church – oldest stone church built in 1589, originally known as “inglesia de San Pablo”, founded in 1571.

54 year old Manila Cathedral

Sadly, I don’t have any picture to show you guys how beautiful it looks like inside as it is closed for repairs until 2013.

Please click here for Intramuros history and background and click here to learn more about Manila Cathedral.

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Let me introduce my favorite fashion blogger Patricia Prieto and a wonderful and thoughtful blogger adinparadise.


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Travel theme: Animals

According to Ailsa, i really don’t know that yesterday was World Animal Day, an international celebration of all the amazing creatures we share this planet with thank you for that information.

I had a trip earlier with my hubby that I want to share with you guys. We went to our country’s (Philippines) oldest district and historic core, INTRAMUROS. This amazing horse or kalesa staples the whole experience.

This is the mode of transportation in the 18th century by the Spaniards that not everyone can afford. Today, it’s all over Intramuros at an affordable price (P100-150) so why don’t you try it.

Hoorraayyy for the strong and legendary horses!

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P.S. I will post the whole experience of our Intramuros trip in a while so stay tuned…