-= apple of my eyes =-

The apple of my eyes. So who’d you guess that be? Ofcourse, none other than my darling daughter, Marianne Samantha. If you are one of my friends in facebook, you’ll guess it right away. I got her name from the artist of GMA 7, Marian Rivera, lol. She’s 6 yrs old now just like what I’ve mentioned on my first ever blog. Oh, how fast time flies. I still remember her as a newborn baby. She was 10 lbs when I gave birth (ceasarian section btw). She’s really a big baby. It’s my fault actually, ‘coz I love eating ice cream, coke, rice and chocolate. Imagine, 1 pint of cookies and cream per day and it has to be Selecta. 🙂

If you see her now, you won’t see the trace that she was that big. She is thin but tall. Okay, Ms. Universe in the making. 🙂 She wants to become a chef someday, but the other night she told me she wants to be a doctor. I like that, ‘coz my dad (+) was actually a doctor. Oh, I remember, she also wants to be a teacher.  Whatever she wants to be, she will have my support all the way.

This never-seen album was taken during her baptism on July 16, 2006, so I’m not yet a facebook fanatic, only friendster. 🙂 To sam’s ninongs and ninangs, this is the evidence. 🙂

Church: Our Lady of Pentecost, Katipunan

Reception: Albergus

Sam’s Dress: Patis Tesoro

Give me A+ for peeling off all these pictures.

Here comes the hard part, putting them back on… 🙂 I chose this album, ‘coz as I said, it’s never-seen in facebook. I don’t wanna post an album that you have already seen in facebook. Chos! 😉 Besides, I want to take you guys back to memory lane. 🙂

I’m so proud and I’m really lucky to have her as my daughter. She really loves going to school. Even if she is sick, she will still get up. I remember waking her up the other day, she said, ‘mom, ouwiie’ (touching her throat), I said, okay, go back to sleep. She said, no, take a bath. Then the other day, home after seeing her doctor, I said, ‘tomorrow you have to rest’, she was like crying and whining, still insisting to go to school.  My gosh, I remember as a kid, I will tell my mom I’m sick just to stay at home even if I”m 100% okay, lol.

I also want to keep the closeness we have. I always tell her “I love you” and she has to reply back… hehehehe. I want her to feel comfortable saying that to us, her parents coz me as a daughter, I can’t say that. Not that I don’t want to, but I’m not used to it.

For me, being a mother really completes me as a person or as a woman. The best years of my life started when I become a mother. It’s not easy, I must say, but it’s fulfilling. Until now, I’m still learning how to be a mom and I strive to be better each day.

This is sam at present wearing her school uniform.

I think that’s about it for now! I still have work tomorrow and am sooo sleepy. Ciao!

You’ll always be my baby, Sam.

-= my PH loves =-

Since I just started blogging, my post would be mostly introductory. Let me tell you guys about my best friends. Our group met and formed during high school at St. Paul QC. We call ourselves, ph girls which stands for… (secret…) Originally 3 groups turned into 1. Most of them live abroad but time and distance will not keep us apart. Thanks to facebook, email and other social networking sites. (Bes Abbie, where’s your fb?) We usually get together from time to time. If time permits though, as we are busy with work and respective families.

Here are some pictures, old and new ones and let the pictures do the talking. 🙂

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This song below would best describe our group. don’t you guys agree?