A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Cloud

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I know clouds will be a favorite topic so I made sure to take pictures inside the plane. Took these on our way back home from Hong Kong. Weather was good and the clouds looked so clear and crisp. You can see the view of the Philippine islands from the top… Lovely!

The trip to Hong Kong was Dec 27-30 and until now, I haven’t forgotten about it. Maybe never… I shared some, I hope you saw it.

That’s it for now! Happy Friday!

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My entry for A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Cloud.



Hi everyone! I have been missing you all. And you know what’s keeping me busy? …INSTRAGRAM… Eversince I got my Asus Nexxus 7 tablet, I have been addicted to this application. Who wouldn’t? You can stalk to your favorite artists, bloggers, friends and you can edit your pictures creatively.

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I will be back to posting come February. My brother is here for a visit and we are so busy. When everything’s back to normal, you will see me regularly! OK? much love…

Miljo 🙂