CBBH Photo Challenge : Windows (Featuring Intramuros)

My recent visit to Intramuros triggered me to join for this challenge. This place was the home of Spaniards during the 16th century. As you know, Philippines was colonized by them. I myself have a Spanish blood, about 25 %. My great grand father was a 100% Spanish.

Malaga is a city in Spain (correct me if I’m wrong) which is our host for this challenge. So, take a pick of our historical heritage from Spain.

First and second picture – Ruins of Intendencia Aduana

San Agustin Church – oldest stone church built in 1589, originally known as “inglesia de San Pablo”, founded in 1571.

54 year old Manila Cathedral

Sadly, I don’t have any picture to show you guys how beautiful it looks like inside as it is closed for repairs until 2013.

Please click here for Intramuros history and background and click here to learn more about Manila Cathedral.

More CBBH challenge, please click here.

Let me introduce my favorite fashion blogger Patricia Prieto and a wonderful and thoughtful blogger adinparadise.


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8 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge : Windows (Featuring Intramuros)

  1. Hello Miljo Anne and what a great entry to this month´s CBBH Photo Challenge.

    I´ve really enjoyed looking at your photos of Intramuros with its many windows. What a shame we couldn´t look inside the cathedral. I´m sure it will be even more splendid after the repairs.

    Thanks for sharing two of your favourite blogs with us.

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