My Passport Holder

After searching for the right passport holder, finally I found the one! I love that aside from the chic design, this holder is also functional. You can put your boarding pass inside plus your cards and some cash. Your travel essentials in just one place. Thanks to Effegi.

I bought it in SM Cubao. After much deliberation which took me for 30 minutes from deciding which one to pick, I decided to get the bronze color. They also have pink and red. My daughter prefers the red one but I didn’t like it that much.

I thought the holder can fit two passports and was I wrong. So, now I’m back to searching (again) another passport holder this time around for my daughter. I like a cute one for her. If  possible, with a cartoon character. I don’t know where to get it but my search begins again…

I’m curious what passport holder you have. Can you show it to me please and include information on where to get it.

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