Day Trip to Pandin Lake

If you want a a place so calm and peaceful, relax with friends and family, this is the place to be. Pandin Lake has this relaxing ambiance makes it so perfect if you want to forget about stress and just enjoy even just for a full day.

The smallest and most pristine lake among seven other lakes located in Laguna, Philippines. It has a twin lake called Lake Yambo which we got to see from the top of the mountain. It’s only a short side trek from Lake Pandin, only about 5-10 minute walk.

With a 20.5-hectare surface area, 180 feet deep, breathtaking view, abundant tree and fish life makes Lake Pandin a tourist destination. According to ‘Manang Evelyn’ (the one who’s paddling on the picture below), rafting attraction is presently operating its 6th year. It is run by locals and they live nearby the lake. They have 7 rafts at present which can fit maximum of 20 people. They will paddle around the lake, prepare food for you and you can swim or go fishing after.

They had a fishing crisis that led the wives at San Brgy. Sto. Anghel in San Pablo City come up with a new source of livelihood (with the help of environmentalist). They were already featured number of times in TV like  Rated K to name a few. Also the same program I saw I think 3-4 years ago. From then on I said I have to visit the place. After many years, I had the chance yesterday.

It will take a 15 minute walk going to the lake.

You have to reserve before going there. Txt or call Aling siony at 09299789565.



How to reach the lake:

1. Ride a bus in Buendia going to Batangas. Go down to San Pablo city.

2. Ride a jeep and ask the driver to bring you to 7-11.

3. Ride a jeep going to ILOG and Aling Siony will be there to meet you.


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