Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

My interpretation of “Delicate“.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

How I wish we also have the 4 seasons; spring, summer, winter and fall. Here in the Philippines, we only have dry (November to April) and rainy season (May to October). Have you heard of the recent storm that hit Mindanao last week? So heartbreaking… Even if it is supposed to be “dry”, our brothers in Mindanao were badly hit. See the effect of climate change? We should take care of our environment and do our share, even in simplest ways.

Back to the theme.. Since it is December, you will find the change in season not with the work of nature but with creative human mind and hands with Christmas spirit. I love how the houses and malls were decorated for this season. Say for example, the Christmas tree below, the theme is for children. So, the tree is surrounded by kids in different faces.

NEW1 012

The whole mall is surrounded with hot air balloon and kids around. I must say, they chose the right theme. Christmas is really for the kids, right? This is located by the way in Shangrila Mandaluyong.

NEW1 007

NEW1 008

NEW1 011

Now, this one here is the cutest of all. Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? The kids are crazy over this character. Megamall is in partnership with Hongkong Disneyland to promote tourism. I am getting more excited for our upcoming trip this Dec 27th. See my count down at the right side below?
sun 001

sun 003

sun 007

This one below is Located in Gateway, Cubao. I love how so classy the red flowers bring.
sun 008

sun 011

xmas 004

I have already shared the this gigantic tree in Araneta. This is what I always see going and coming home from work.
xmas 010

But ofcourse, nothing is more special than our very own Christmas tree at home. It is just simple, my mom bought the slim type. I can’t imagine if we have the big one with three active kids around. Hahaha.

How many days to go and it’s almost Christmas. Don’t forget the real meaning of it, Birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ! Have a great weekend.

NEW 036

My share for the weekly theme:


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Green II

My second entry for Weekly Photo Challenge: Green.

I remembered our week’s theme when I saw myself in the mirror. My peplum top has a fresh shade of GREEN. So, why not share with you all. 🙂 Knowing that today is a manic, busy Monday, I decided to wear it with jeans.

This peplum top really fits my body. See how the frills cover my flabs? Gosh, I really wish I have a DSLR. For those who just read my blog, my aim is to show you guys clothes that can hide away unwanted fats without wearing girdles. Wearing one feels so uncomfortable, right? Back to the top, I advise you guys to invest on peplums. Not just for women like me, but for those who are blessed with good figures. If you wear it, the more that it will give you an hour glass shape.

You will find peplum tops, skirts and dresses. For my body with wide hips, the top is for me. So, if you are the opposite, the skirt is for you. If you have a beautiful figure, then, you are lucky! hahahaha.. IKAW NA.

December is just around the corner and it is starting to get cold that’s why I added my favorite cover-up. I love details plus the flowers attach to it. I don’t want to get it overused so I seldom wear this.

Have you noticed the dragonfly necklace? So cute… My mom bought it for only P250.00. She said it was hand crafted and the owner conducts workshops. Hmmm, which gives me an idea, Why don’t I attend one and start a business? Let’s see…

What about the vintage shoes from Calvin Klein? Nope, I didn’t buy it. Me pa? 🙂 My aunt from Hawaii sent us a package full of their used shoes. Now, I really do believe in the saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Ready to work!

With my officemates…

Have a wonderful week ahead!

By the way, I just added the “About Me” page with the help of AD. Thank you so much!

Peplum top: Cotton On
Cover-up: Forever 21
Jeans: Hot Kiss
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Watch: Sofie


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

We all need spiritual renewal to restore our faith, to continue with our lives everyday. That’s why my family makes it a point to visit the church every Sunday. However, because of work, I tend to miss out on Sunday masses. But that doesn’t mean I already stopped talking to Him. I just make sure to visit any day of the week to pray.

Having said that, let me share two of my favorite churches here in Manila.

First, our wedding church “Parish of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary located in West Triangle, QC. Small and simple church just right for my wedding.

More about the church here.

Second, 54 year old Manila Cathedral. I have already shared this here.

I don’t have photos of the inside as it is closed for repairs ’til 2013.

There you have it. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Quintin Lake of Quintin Lake Architectural Photography.

I just love the geometry of this car combined with my adorable nephews… PERFECT!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big (Fort Santiago)

Reconstructed main gate of Fort Santiago. I highly recommend to click that link.

What a huge gate, right? By the way, this was the old gate…

This gate was built as a defense fortress by the Spaniards. The fort is part of the structures of the walled city of intramuros in Manila, Philippines.

Today, it is open for public with an entrance fee of P75 for adults and P50 for children and senior citizens.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

These pictures are part of my previous post featuring Zambales.  I remember we came there in a group of 7, but we loved to be alone exploring the beach including the little girl on the first picture. Probably wanting to reflect and just take advantage of the wonderful place we were in.

If you want to read more about this post, you can hit the link below:


And for this week’s challenge:


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life II

I think I have to do a second entry. Why? Coz today is so special for us. We just got our daughter’s report card for the 1st semester. She works hard and studies hard everyday to get good grades. It paid off.

Our aim really is for her to pass. I don’t give her that much pressure to get high grades. We just want her to enjoy and at the same time knows her responsibility as a student. That’s why we are the proudest parents ever.

I asked her what she likes as a reward, she said excitedly ‘Jollibee’. It’s a famous Filipino fast food chain which is a favorite of every child. It’s raining once again (sigh) so we just phoned and ordered her all time favorite, spaghetti, burger and chicken.

Good job, Sam!

She’s shy pa! 🙂




Can you see their wall of art? Haha

Have a blessed weekend…

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