Travel theme: Animals

According to Ailsa, i really don’t know that yesterday was World Animal Day, an international celebration of all the amazing creatures we share this planet with thank you for that information.

I had a trip earlier with my hubby that I want to share with you guys. We went to our country’s (Philippines) oldest district and historic core, INTRAMUROS. This amazing horse or kalesa staples the whole experience.

This is the mode of transportation in the 18th century by the Spaniards that not everyone can afford. Today, it’s all over Intramuros at an affordable price (P100-150) so why don’t you try it.

Hoorraayyy for the strong and legendary horses!

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P.S. I will post the whole experience of our Intramuros trip in a while so stay tuned…


6 thoughts on “Travel theme: Animals

  1. cool shots Miljo! Haven’t been to Intramuros for quite some time now. I guess the last time was during the field trip of my youngest brother when he was in pre school, way back i don’t know when šŸ™‚

    Let me try to visit Intramuros on my next trip home!

    Thanks for sharing.

      • I’m in Dubai. Will go home by April or May next year, when all the kids are on holiday. I’ll force them to take me to Intramuros (“force them” because I know going to Intramuros will be a bit corney for them ha ha)

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