Travel theme: Foliage

Teaser on where I was earlier… Beautiful place perfect for the theme.

Fresh buko juice for lunch… refreshing…

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My routine every work week:

Wake up 5:40 am.

Leave home 6:30 am and drop my daughter to school.

Go straight to work. I reach the office at 7:50 am – 8:00am and my duty starts at 9;00am. Always early. 🙂

Go home at 6:00pm. My daughter is already home by then ‘coz her school ends at 1120am.

We ride the tricycle going to her school. I take Lrt 2 then bus or mrt depending on the traffic. Our car is reserved for my nephew every day. 🙂

GOOD Morning! 🙂 So ready for the day.

Weeee, my Cotton On sandals… tricycle ride to Sam’s school. 🙂

Entrance at the underground LRT 2 Katipunan

So, I’m at Katipunan, off to Cubao.

Don’t have pictures in Cubao ‘coz I was rushing plus there’s a lot of people in a hurry, too.

Finally, I arrived safely to my office. I still have time so grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Can you guess what I ordered? Anyway, they are running a promo til Sept 30th. Buy coffee in the morning, then you get your next coffee half the price in the afternoon til 1140pm, good for two cups per 1 receipt.

My long day begun after sipping my coffee.

That’s how my morning goes during work week.

I think I have to share what I ordered half-priced after work..hehehe

The new salty caramel mocha frapuccino… love the twist! Definitely a must try ..

At 6:17pm I had my coffee…. Hahaha… I was on time logging out from work!

My good friend Joy!

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What I wore:

Top: Kamiseta | Jeggings: Farmers Tiangge | Sandals: Cotton On | Necklace: co-parent at Sam’s school | Watch: Sophie Paris | 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far (MOA, Manila Bay)

This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Brian Cooney

Let me share the recent ‘date’ I had with my husband. We went to Mall of Asia which is listed at the Forbes’ as one of the 10 largest malls in Asia and second to our own SM North Edsa. It is located at the Bay City, Pasay, Philippines. My photos for this week’s theme ‘Near and Far’ are located in Manila Bay, fronting the mall.

Manila Bay is a natural harbor which serves the Port of Manila (on Luzon), in the Philippines.The bay is considered to be one of the best natural harbors in Southeast Asia and one of the finest in the world. Strategically located around the capital city of the Philippines, Manila Bay facilitated commerce and trade between the Philippines and its neighbouring countries,becoming the gateway for socio-economic development even prior to Spanish occupation. With an area of 1,994 km2 (769.9 sq mi), and a coastline of 190 km (118.1 mi), Manila Bay is situated in the western part of Luzon and is bounded by Cavite and Metro Manila on the east, Bulacan and Pampanga on the north, and Bataan on the west and northwest. (WIKIPEDIA)

The ferris wheel you will find below is our version of the London Eye. They even call it, MOA EYE. This 180 ft tall wheel which is by far tallest in the Philippines just recently opened in December 2011. It will cost you 150php for regular cabin and 250 php VIP cabin (with picture taking).

It’s such a gloomy Friday.  The rain just stopped right before I took pictures which to me is a cool effect. The cold weather was perfect that day because we can stroll around the break waters of the bay not having to worry about the heat. Windy with a cool breeze of the ocean, just so perfect!

Isn’t it a lovely view from the top?

Honestly, I don’t really know that we have this wheel until we went out from the mall. You can just imagine how surprised I am. I don’t really go here that often as it’s too far from my place. Our purpose really was to catch the opening of ‘Cotton On’. There’s a lot of shoppers plus the store isn’t that big so we have to wait our turn to go inside. I had 2 500 vouchers, each you can use for a 1k purchase. I had two transactions, instead of paying 2200, I only paid 1200. Sweet.

Thank you for coming over to Manila. I love everything about Cotton On.

Taken inside the mall’s open space. Lovely, right?

I hope I can visit the place again soooon!!! Here’s the front view of the mall before I end the post.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Gary Ng of Gnostec Photography. Read on for more about this week’s theme and his photography tips!

Merge. The world is made up of many things. There is a saying that opposites attract, and this is true for relationships and other things. What about photography? Many surprises can come out of merging two different entities into one. Sometimes this fusion of the elements is what we call art.

This is my version of Merge. See how lovely art, culture and people merge in these pictures.

According to Wikipedia, Fiesta, a Spanish word that means “party”, “feast” or “festival“. Our country is so rich in Fiestas. It is a part of Filipino culture. Every provinces has their own scheduled Fiesta. Actually, each month we have one. Some are really known attracting tourists to come. Who wouldn’t resist this kind of feast? You’ll see parade of street dancers with beautiful costumes, painted faces and loud native music. Houses offer food to share to everyone in some provinces, like the one I attended in Mindanao. Some have pageants, dance contest and costumes.

According to Alejandro Roces of Phil Star, What the fiesta does is tell the story of localities, and in doing so it tells the story of the Philippines. The fiesta is living tradition.

If you are interested, you are most welcome to visit us. Here’s the list of Philippine Fiestas and choose what suits you:

When: April 16, 2011

What: Aliwan Fiesta

Where: Roxas Boulevard CCP Complex, between the CCP Complex and Quirino Grandstand

Photographer: Martin Lambo

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Travel Theme : SIGNS

Another week, another exciting theme.

SIGN – so short of a word yet it connotes soooo many things. Is it a gesture? Is it a zodiac sign, lol? Or a lettered board like a signage?

Let me just play around with it and I think I’d pick something that is not so obvious and will depend on the person who’s seeing the ‘sign’.

Examine the picture below, what do you think is the sign?

What about this picture I took at Kish Island, Iran?

Look through my baby’s eyes during her 5th birthday party. What do you see?

My nephew cleaning???

If you see a black cat cross your path?

Oh, this one is a little obvious.

That’s about it ‘coz each time I see a picture, I think of its hidden meaning. Is it a bad SIGN?

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Weekend Theme: What Makes Me Happy?

Currently listening to this music while blogging….

What makes me happy? Just like you, no doubt, family makes me happy.  Seeing my family bond makes me happy. I remember when we all went to Mindanao where my lola lives. It was her 80th birthday, Jan 21, ’11. At last, after so many years, family reunited just to see her. We all took some time off from our busy lives. Nothing or no one can stop us from seeing her.

We made sure everything would be perfect that day. We all made our share. A lot of activities lined up that day so everyone was busy, wrapping gifts, planning activies, checking the suppliers, etc. We even prepared a dance number for her. We hired a choreographer here in Manila just to make it perfect.

The most touching and memorable part was when the gentlemen in the family gave her roses. They were all lined up with a soft music background. Looking through her eyes, she felt really loved and appreciated. What a happy moment, maybe her happiest moment. Just imagine seeing her children (of 9 not all present) and grand children together in one place.

                                                                                        lined up to give lola a rose

I was watching everyone’s reaction and they are hiding their tears. Maybe they don’t want to show it to lola. Just gave her a big big hug. I wish Mindanao is near so we can visit her everyone now and then.

Oh, how I miss her. Makes me want to fly now. Maybe tomorrow.

                                                  4 generation picture. My lola, mom, me and my daughter.

                                                                                                  lola’s house


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Mindanao (play /mɪndəˈn/ min-də-now) is the second largest and easternmost island in the Philippines. It is also the name of one of the three island groups in the country (the other two being Luzon and the Visayas), which consists of the island of Mindanao and smaller surrounding islands. Davao City is the largest city in Mindanao.

Mindanao is the only area of the Philippines with a significant Muslim presence. Due to widespread poverty and religious differences, the island has been the site of a separatist movement by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Fighting between MILF and Philippine forces has displaced more than 100,000 people. ~Wikipedia