IGT’s The Black and White Christmas Affair (December 16, 2012)

igt xmas party 011

Dress: Get Laud Clutch: Forever 21 Shoes: Payless Pearl: Avon

Opted for a simple get-up, make-up and hair! I made up my own actually!
igt xmas party 004 igt xmas party 073

igt xmas party 018

igt xmas party 028

igt xmas party 029


igt xmas party 068

igt xmas party 055

igt xmas party 062



igt xmas party 057

igt xmas party 051

igt xmas party 050

Location: Grandview Events Place, Buma Bldg. Makati

It’s my first Christmas with my IGT family. Also, it’s my first time to win in a raffle contest! Seriously, I have no luck when it comes to this but hey, your fortune can really change. I won a washing machine which was one of the major prizes. I was really surprised when they called my lucky number, 1 4 2! Who knows, this might be the start of many other winnings.

You might be wondering where’s the picture of me claiming the prize! Sad to say, the battery of my camera died and my friend haven’t uploaded her pictures yet! So, I’ll just keep you hanging there for awhile!

That night was so much fun! With all the cheering and screaming to death to our dancers who joined the contest, drinks, sumptuous food, bonding with friends… We really had a blast! Truly a memorable day.

Highlights of the night were dance contest, band performers, best dressed contest and raffle. Over-all, the party was a success! All the planning paid off! Thanks to our organizers and leaders!..Til next year.

December is so generous to me. I thank you, Lord! Sooo many blessings I am really grateful for! I hope it will continue as we end 2012.

What about you? I want  to hear your Christmas events, too!


Green II

My second entry for Weekly Photo Challenge: Green.

I remembered our week’s theme when I saw myself in the mirror. My peplum top has a fresh shade of GREEN. So, why not share with you all. 🙂 Knowing that today is a manic, busy Monday, I decided to wear it with jeans.

This peplum top really fits my body. See how the frills cover my flabs? Gosh, I really wish I have a DSLR. For those who just read my blog, my aim is to show you guys clothes that can hide away unwanted fats without wearing girdles. Wearing one feels so uncomfortable, right? Back to the top, I advise you guys to invest on peplums. Not just for women like me, but for those who are blessed with good figures. If you wear it, the more that it will give you an hour glass shape.

You will find peplum tops, skirts and dresses. For my body with wide hips, the top is for me. So, if you are the opposite, the skirt is for you. If you have a beautiful figure, then, you are lucky! hahahaha.. IKAW NA.

December is just around the corner and it is starting to get cold that’s why I added my favorite cover-up. I love details plus the flowers attach to it. I don’t want to get it overused so I seldom wear this.

Have you noticed the dragonfly necklace? So cute… My mom bought it for only P250.00. She said it was hand crafted and the owner conducts workshops. Hmmm, which gives me an idea, Why don’t I attend one and start a business? Let’s see…

What about the vintage shoes from Calvin Klein? Nope, I didn’t buy it. Me pa? 🙂 My aunt from Hawaii sent us a package full of their used shoes. Now, I really do believe in the saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Ready to work!

With my officemates…

Have a wonderful week ahead!

By the way, I just added the “About Me” page with the help of AD. Thank you so much!

Peplum top: Cotton On
Cover-up: Forever 21
Jeans: Hot Kiss
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Watch: Sofie


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Black is BLACK

Remember this outfit? Yes, I wore this during the Halloween Party in Xavierville. I chose a comfortable outfit because Trick or Treating means a lot of walking, plus I have to look after three active kids. Ofcourse, mom and 1 yaya were there but you don’t expect your mom to run around chasing kids. So, I have to do that part.

The shoes I am wearing is the most comfy shoes I have which I bought in Natasha. The black blouse is my favorite top. I bought it in I think way back 2009 from Folded and Hung. I pair it with almost anything, like leggings, skirt, jeans, and of course with the skort (skirt that looks like shorts) I am wearing. The skort is from Regatta that I learn to love just recently. Clothes are expensive but you know that the brand has quality. This high waisted skort did a great job hiding my flabs…. That’s really my choice of clothes. Something that won’t require me to wear underneath.

Today is Sunday, practically just staying at home with the kids (my daughter, nephew and niecce). Unfortunately, my daughter is sick. No longer with a fever, but she has a bad cough. She has asthma which she inherited from my side. When she has cough and colds I really worry coz I know she might have another asthma attack. Good thing we have a nebulizer around and we always have a stock of Ventolin. Have to be ready all the time. When you have kids, you should learn to stock medicines.

I’d better go. I hear someone crying, mommy duties. Ciao. Happy Sunday!

Bag: CMG
Bracelet: BK Online Boutique
Watch: Sofie

My First Attempt

When I say First Attempt, I mean it is really an attempt… har har… This is my first outfit post yet, the whole body picture is bleeding because of the background. If you see the real picture, it looks okay but when I scanned it, Voila!!! Totally Screwed… Hahaha So much for the first time. At least I know I should use white background or something light to clearly see the outfit. These pictures were taken at Picture City and they don’t edit pictures. What you see is what you get.

I wanted my first outfit post to show how my day to day outfit looks like at work. Light make up, simple outfit, flat shoes, minimal accessories, yes that’s me! I always go for comfort so as I can move freely in the office.

I notice that fashion bloggers put on the brands they wore. Do I have to do that, too? Well, I think I will coz I want to share with you guys that Cache-Cache is having their sale up to 70% until the 18th. You know that their clothes aren’t that cheap so this is the deal I am really waiting for.

The top I am wearing is from Cache-cache. I need clothes that can hide away my extra flabs. Luckily, I found this black silver striped blouse in a 50% discount. Hoorraayy! It did a great job hiding my flaws, right? Hayy, if only I have this time to exercise! When I gave birth to my daughter I know I should work it out to lose my unwanted fats. But I want to spend my extra time with my loved ones. palusot.

My skirt is from Cotton On. With durable fabric flowing and chic design, I think this is a good steal. It comes in different colors and designs. How I wish I can buy them all. Haha.

My shoes is from Natasha, my pang harabas shoes. It is super comfortable and since it is black, you can pair it with anything.

My watch is from Sofie, belt from Forever 21, bangles from Cotton On and bag from CMG. I decided to pick this bag to add color to my outfit.

That’s about it. Hopefully this is not my last. Good night!