Unforgettable ~ My Daddy

I can’t help it, I have to add another entry. I dedicate this to my dad.

I mentioned at my previous post that he already passed away.  For the last 13 years, we always think and pray for him. I don’t see him that often in my dreams anymore, but he’s never forgotten. I think he is already in a much safer, peaceful place now that’s why.

I remember they, together with my mom, were away for a vacation in Dumaguete. Imagine they were away to have fun but it turned out the most unexpected way. My mom couldn’t tell to us what happened to dad straight over the phone. She asked my aunt to do it for her. She said, while crying, he had a heart attack and lost breath straight away. He was rushed to the hospital but really did not make it. His body was transferred from Dumaguete to Cebu where he lived. We all flew there to bid our last farewell.

We were always there every year for the past 5 years or so after the incident. But now, only if time permits.

I still remember how hard-working, responsible father he was. He’s a doctor, a dietitian. His clinic was just built inside our house. He doesn’t want to work in the hospital as he wants to stay close to us all the time. He was very generous not only to us but to everyone, even to his friends. He has this big heart that’s always open to reach out.

He must be happy and proud seeing his grand children. I always wish you are here to guide me through, but I know you are just there watching.

Next month, March 20th, marks his 13th anniversary. You are missed and we’ll see you soon.


He was a great pianist.



My three brothers. Can you see me?

mini me3

daddy’s girl.

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19 thoughts on “Unforgettable ~ My Daddy

  1. Miljo,
    I know how you miss your dad. It is tough being a “daddy’s girl” (from one daddy’s girl to another…)
    May you always be able to look back with love.

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