IGT’s The Black and White Christmas Affair (December 16, 2012)

igt xmas party 011

Dress: Get Laud Clutch: Forever 21 Shoes: Payless Pearl: Avon

Opted for a simple get-up, make-up and hair! I made up my own actually!
igt xmas party 004 igt xmas party 073

igt xmas party 018

igt xmas party 028

igt xmas party 029


igt xmas party 068

igt xmas party 055

igt xmas party 062



igt xmas party 057

igt xmas party 051

igt xmas party 050

Location: Grandview Events Place, Buma Bldg. Makati

It’s my first Christmas with my IGT family. Also, it’s my first time to win in a raffle contest! Seriously, I have no luck when it comes to this but hey, your fortune can really change. I won a washing machine which was one of the major prizes. I was really surprised when they called my lucky number, 1 4 2! Who knows, this might be the start of many other winnings.

You might be wondering where’s the picture of me claiming the prize! Sad to say, the battery of my camera died and my friend haven’t uploaded her pictures yet! So, I’ll just keep you hanging there for awhile!

That night was so much fun! With all the cheering and screaming to death to our dancers who joined the contest, drinks, sumptuous food, bonding with friends… We really had a blast! Truly a memorable day.

Highlights of the night were dance contest, band performers, best dressed contest and raffle. Over-all, the party was a success! All the planning paid off! Thanks to our organizers and leaders!..Til next year.

December is so generous to me. I thank you, Lord! Sooo many blessings I am really grateful for! I hope it will continue as we end 2012.

What about you? I want  to hear your Christmas events, too!


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