The 12th Second of Christmas

12 : 12 : 12 : 12 : 12 : 2012…

12th Day Final 2b copy

I got this idea from Frankfurtmalin which she got from Milners Blog.

What does it mean to you? Goodluck? Like our fellow bloggers, I’m also curious, what were you doing yesterday? Work maybe?

As for me, I got home from work and received a bad news, my baby is sick again.. Today, I am taking care of her. She has asthma which she inherited from me. She missed school and I missed work. She’s actually drinking milk right now (for hours)… Later, I have to give medicine, nebulize and feed her. I hate seeing my baby like this. 😦 While feeding her earlier, I can see in her eyes she’s thankful I am beside her!

I won’t get tired of taking care of you, Sam.

What about you? Where and what were you doing?


8 thoughts on “The 12th Second of Christmas

  1. I was asthmatic growing up. Hopsital was my second home. It is hard to be gasping for air. I wish your daughter a fast recovery and that she outgrows asthma soon. Wishing you and your family the joys and blessings of the holidays.

  2. I am wishing you health and happiness for you and your precious family for this day and the many days ahead. May your daughter;s asthma be healed as she grows. Have a wonderful holiday.


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