Circles II / Sunday Post: Concept (Yakimix)

yakimix 001

My second entry for this week’s Travel theme: Circles and Sunday Post: Concept.

Together with my high school friends (yes, we still often see each other), we had our Christmas and pre-birthday celebration at Yakimix, an eat-all-you-can Smokeless Grill, Korean and Japanese Restaurant. This place has a vast selection of maki/sushi, salad bar, meat/fish for grilling, soup, seafood and yummy desserts. They also have cooked dishes like pizza, noodles, etc. The CONCEPT of “smokeless grill” is such a hit. It is so much fun choosing and cooking your own food. I’m sure kids will not get bored plus since it is smokeless, you won’t feel like you came from a barbecue party.

Aside from the delectable dishes, the crystal centerpiece caught my attention which is perfect for Ailsa’s theme. So beautiful…

yakimix 010

yakimix 012

This is my first time to eat here and I’m so glad we chose this place. For P660.00 (with drinks during Sundays), it’s really worth it. What can I say, they have the most friendly and efficient staff, clean and neat restaurant, wide selection of food, I highly recommend this place! Perfect for anniversaries, birthday celebrations or when you feel like eating sumptuous meal. Make sure you have empty stomach when you come!

My advice is to make sure you had your reservation and come on time coz they can only hold it for 15 mins. (6pm-6:15pm). If not, the line is always long especially during weekends. You don’t want to end up in a wait-list, do you?

yakimix 002

yakimix 008

yakimix 007

yakimix 006

yakimix 005

yakimix 004

yakimix 003

yakimix 009

yakimix 015

yakimix 014

yakimix 047

yakimix 048

yakimix 041

yakimix 042

yakimix 013

yakimix 027

yakimix 022

yakimix 051

yakimix 053

yakimix 052

yakimix 054

yakimix 037

yakimix 061

Where: Yakimix, Podium

My Outfit
Dress: Folded and Hung
Shoes: Payless
Bag and Watch: Sofie
Pearl Earrings and Bracelet: Avon

Happy Holidays!


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