Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

How I wish we also have the 4 seasons; spring, summer, winter and fall. Here in the Philippines, we only have dry (November to April) and rainy season (May to October). Have you heard of the recent storm that hit Mindanao last week? So heartbreaking… Even if it is supposed to be “dry”, our brothers in Mindanao were badly hit. See the effect of climate change? We should take care of our environment and do our share, even in simplest ways.

Back to the theme.. Since it is December, you will find the change in season not with the work of nature but with creative human mind and hands with Christmas spirit. I love how the houses and malls were decorated for this season. Say for example, the Christmas tree below, the theme is for children. So, the tree is surrounded by kids in different faces.

NEW1 012

The whole mall is surrounded with hot air balloon and kids around. I must say, they chose the right theme. Christmas is really for the kids, right? This is located by the way in Shangrila Mandaluyong.

NEW1 007

NEW1 008

NEW1 011

Now, this one here is the cutest of all. Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? The kids are crazy over this character. Megamall is in partnership with Hongkong Disneyland to promote tourism. I am getting more excited for our upcoming trip this Dec 27th. See my count down at the right side below?
sun 001

sun 003

sun 007

This one below is Located in Gateway, Cubao. I love how so classy the red flowers bring.
sun 008

sun 011

xmas 004

I have already shared the this gigantic tree in Araneta. This is what I always see going and coming home from work.
xmas 010

But ofcourse, nothing is more special than our very own Christmas tree at home. It is just simple, my mom bought the slim type. I can’t imagine if we have the big one with three active kids around. Hahaha.

How many days to go and it’s almost Christmas. Don’t forget the real meaning of it, Birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ! Have a great weekend.

NEW 036

My share for the weekly theme:


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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

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  4. What a wonderful collection of Christmas photos! We just got back from Disneyland with the kids so today I’m especially partial to the Disney tree. Thank you for sharing our “Changing Seasons” post!

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  6. Nothing compares to Christmas in the Philippines. It’s like a month of celebration. Shangrila’s decors just looks awesome. I felt so bad for our “kababayans” in Mindanao. I remember last December, a calamity hit the country too. I just wish happiness is for all this Christmas. Life’s seems not fair when someone out there could hardly eat and others living in luxury. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • you are a filipino? it’s amazing to find filipino community in wordpres… Nothing really compares on how we celebrate xmas… actually, september is already the start of the xmas season..:) next week will be the start of simbang gabi..
      hope you are doing good wherever you are! 🙂 Merry Christmas too!

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