Travel theme: Circles (Enchanted Kingdom)

Let’s look for circles in ENCHANTED KINGDOM. But before you do, let me just share a bit of information about this word-class themed park.


Enchanted Kingdom opened its gate in October 19, 1995 located in San Lorenzo South, City of Santa Rosa Laguna. This is the Disneyland of the Philippines. I first visited in 1996 for my friend’s birthday and despedida (she went to Canada and up until now she haven’t visited yet 😦 ). My second when I was already working and the latest was last March of this year. The park has 16 rides located within 7 themed zones. They also have spectacular firework display before closing. This is also a perfect venue for birthdays, weddings, debuts and other events. For first timers, you can not bring food inside but don’t worry they have a lot of food outlets you can choose from. I have witnessed a tremendous growth as they have opened lots of rides and added shows year after year. There are actually rides that I did not dare try such as Ekstreme drop and most especially Space Shuttle. Sorry, I don’t have the guts. Anyway, this should be one of your to go list if you visit our country.

I don’t have pictures of their extreme rides so please do check out their website here.

Okay, let’s start searching for magical circles around the park.

ek 003

ek 019


ek 029

ek 028

ek 043

ek 044


ek 016

ek 031

ek 030

ek 027

ek 024

ek 036

ek 035

ek 034


ek 006

ek 005

ek 009

ek 008

ek 011

ek 015

ek 013

ek 014

ek 023

ek 041

ek 042

ek 051

ek 047

ek 048

ek 049

ek 057

ek 055

My entry for Travel theme: Circles.


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