Black is BLACK

Remember this outfit? Yes, I wore this during the Halloween Party in Xavierville. I chose a comfortable outfit because Trick or Treating means a lot of walking, plus I have to look after three active kids. Ofcourse, mom and 1 yaya were there but you don’t expect your mom to run around chasing kids. So, I have to do that part.

The shoes I am wearing is the most comfy shoes I have which I bought in Natasha. The black blouse is my favorite top. I bought it in I think way back 2009 from Folded and Hung. I pair it with almost anything, like leggings, skirt, jeans, and of course with the skort (skirt that looks like shorts) I am wearing. The skort is from Regatta that I learn to love just recently. Clothes are expensive but you know that the brand has quality. This high waisted skort did a great job hiding my flabs…. That’s really my choice of clothes. Something that won’t require me to wear underneath.

Today is Sunday, practically just staying at home with the kids (my daughter, nephew and niecce). Unfortunately, my daughter is sick. No longer with a fever, but she has a bad cough. She has asthma which she inherited from my side. When she has cough and colds I really worry coz I know she might have another asthma attack. Good thing we have a nebulizer around and we always have a stock of Ventolin. Have to be ready all the time. When you have kids, you should learn to stock medicines.

I’d better go. I hear someone crying, mommy duties. Ciao. Happy Sunday!

Bag: CMG
Bracelet: BK Online Boutique
Watch: Sofie