Dress Down Friday

Wore this at work today. For most of the companies, it is usually dress down every Friday. Well, since I work in a BPO industry, you can go dress down everyday. That’s the beauty of call centres. But I am not talking in general ‘coz some requires their employees to dress up Monday to Thursday. I am lucky I belong to IGT.

Can you guess my schedule working hour? Nope, I don’t work at night. Hehehe. I work like a regular government employee. My day starts at 9am and shift ends 6pm, my off, for now Sat-Sun. I don’t answer calls ‘coz I work in a back office. Yey!

I am totally wrong when I said Picture City does not edit their pictures. Look at them, they are badly done. Hahahaa.. That’s okay, this is just a test outfit post. I think I really have to get a DSLR camera. Hmm. If only I can get them that easily. As a mother, I can’t just spend like no tomorrow. I always think that this amount could have been my daughter’s tuition, medicine, etc… I have to spend wisely, right moms?

I really like this denim vest. Why? First, I got it 50% off in BAYO. But if it was on a regular price I know I would’t buy it. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, it is really worth it. It’s just that I am a bit kuripot. I am a CHEAPSKATE, proud to say that! 🙂 Secondly, again, it magically hides my flabs. Heehehhe. I don’t have that energy and time to exercise so I make it a point to buy clothes that will do the trick for me. My skirt is my all time favorite which I got from Forever 21. If I’m in a hurry and I still want to look nice, I grab it. I like the floral print and you can match it in almost anything. I always buy clothes that can last long in my closet and this skirt is just like a basic white shirt, you should have this in your collection.

It’s almost 1am and I am really getting sleepy and HUNGRY! So, I think I better go.

Bracelet: BK Online Boutique
Shoes: Avon
Black sando: U2
Watch: Sofie
Bag: Jovanni