Travel theme: Soft

Merriam Webster says SOFT means:

Pleasing or agreeable to the senses : bringing ease, comfort, or quiet

Truly, Ate Sam is a perfect example of bringing ease and comfort to her little cousin Andrea. If you are one of my blog readers, you would remember that Andrea’s parents are OFWs. Her mother works in Dubai while her father my brother works in Kuwait. The kids (Andrea and Aaron) need good education so they decided to have them live with us.

For my brother’s privacy, I don’t want to go into much detail, do hope you understand.

If you see how protective and caring Ate Sam is to Andrea, you wouldn’t think that she is only 6 yrs old. She will tell Andrea, Don’t do this/that, It’s like this Andrea, etc. But when you ask her if she likes to have a baby brother or sister she will disapprove.. Hahahaha

Being away from ones parents is never easy. But because of Ate Sam’s love, of course along with our support, everything went smoothly.

Awww I love seeing them bond and take care of one another.

I also love collecting pictures of them which they can look back in the future.

My entry for Travel theme: Soft.


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