Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

(Featuring Pan de Amerikana, Marikina City, Philippines)

This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Jon Sanwell of Without an H.

If you check out my previous post, you would know what I do almost everyday during weekdays. So, let me show you what we usually do during off days, weekend. We usually dine out, go to the mall for a movie or shopping, etc.

I’m going to show you around the restaurant where we had our merienda just yesterday. The place is so unique, you’ll find antique stuffs. The chic restau feels like home, I dunno, I just felt so much comfort in the place. Maybe because of their garden setting. They have waterfalls, travesa benches, treehouse, batibot chairs, wishing well and European ruins. They also have a giant chess board (3 and a half feet high plastic imported from New York Cit)  that you can really play with.  Having said that, they are considered as the one of the five chess themed restaurants in the WORLD.

They have 4 branches in the Philippines, we went to their main branch in Marikina. We were excited to order their best seller, pan de sal. 1950’s PAN DE SAL mega sized wheat costs 6.00. They also have a giant Pandesal Pan Amerikano for P55, We had hot choco and red iced tea.  How I wish we went there for  a lunch, maybe next time.

I love their main entrance for they have a windmill. Too cute.

We went straight to the jumbo sized Chess board.

We wandered around the place like a lost child before ordering our merienda. LOL

It’s time to order… What a cool antique radio…

Where we settled, in front of the swing and at the back of famous Filipino artists’ old photos…

Can you see the Philippines’ King of Comedy, Dolphy? He passed away July 10th, ’12 at the age of 83.

That’s how you eat pandesal with pancit.. yum!

Sam looks too comfortable… Hahahaa

Time to go!

Ordered another pandesal for take out… After our merienda, we went straight to SM Marikina coz they have a big sale going on 14 15 and 16.

That’s it guys… I’m excited to see yours.

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What I wore:

Dress: BAYO | Bag: Mango | Shoes: Natasha | Bangles: Cotton On | Watch: Sophie Paris | Belt: Forever 21 

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