I decided to post a second part for the week’s theme for the reason that Andrea and Aaron were already awake before we left earlier.

Andrea’s school starts 8:30am which is just across the street so no need to rush this little girl. Aaron on the other hand starts his day at 8:15am. It will take 30 minutes to reach his school from our house that’s why the car is always reserved for this big boy. 🙂

We were excited to pose in front of the camera. Indeed a happy morning.

Good Morning!

A time to wake up and thank God for a new day.

Another chance to make things right.

Another chance to say I love you.

Another chance to forgive.


Second entry for:

Sam got scared passing by that BIG dog… lol

What I wore: 

Top: Folded and Hung | Sandals: Cotton On | Bag: Mango | Owl Necklace: Forever 21 | Jeggings: Shoppersville  | Watch : Sophie Paris


5 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST : Morning II

  1. What a beautiful, beautiful set of pictures. My gosh, your children are lovely. Fancy school just across the street – lucky!

    I came across from Jake’s page. Glad I did – your gorgeous young caused me to smile, at their happy faces 🙂

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