Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Strauss Louw.

Free spirit is defined as someone who isn’t weighed down by the troubles of everyday life, is always themselves regardless of the situation and lives life to the full. With that said, best example would be ‘children’. So, here’s my take for the week showing pictures of my niece with her classmates during “Linggo ng Wika” celebration.

Enjoy and please read on….

I am a super mom and I am also a doting aunt. After bringing my daughter to school, I accompanied my niece, Andrea to her school Little St. Ignatius to celebrate Linggo ng Wika or National Language Week while my mom accompanied Aaron. This cultural event is very popular in the Philippines which is normally every first week of August. But because of the storm/monsoon rain that happened just recently, for Andrea and Aaron’s school chose to celebrate it today. Every little girls/boys needs to wear national costume, baro’t saya for girls, and camiso de chino for litte boys. They also have to speak in Filipino which is so hard for them to speak and understand, sad to say. Everyone brought Filipino food which was assigned to them good enough for everybody. Kutsinta was assigned to Andrea. This Filipino food  is a sticky rice cake which is so yummy and everyone’s favorite.

I am really happy that this little girl was comfortable wearing the costume. She did not complain at all during the whole event to my relief. This costume was handed down by Sam, my daughter, which was also worn for the same event, same school last year. School of my daughter chose not to celebrate it because they have to make up for the missed classes.

You might be laughing, she was wearing a national costume but at the same time wearing her ‘crocs’. Hahaha… ‘Bakya’ or wooden clogs should complete the outfit but we don’t have one as you can’t find any in the mall. Or, maybe we didn’t look hard enough. Well, foremost, we just want her to feel comfortable that’s why we decided to let her wear crocs.

Finally, here comes the kutsinta, so we were so ready to go.

Teacher Mimi

Program has started and to start off, we sung the National Anthem. Right after, School Directress Ms. Stella told a story in Filipino. At first, while Ms Stella was reading the story, the children weren’t reacting, not even a nod or a smile. Kids now a days are taught more of the English language so they can’t relate to the story. We can’t blame no one as they have to be competitive in the future. So there, given that, English translation was done after each sentence so that the kids would somehow understand the beautiful story.  After which, the kids showcased their talents. The nursery kids sung in Filipino and kinder performed a coconut dance.

After the performances, they had games for both children and parents. They weren’t able to force me to join as I said, I’m not a parent of Andie, just my excuse. They had a ‘pabitin’ which involves a lattice of bamboo sticks. This is popular in parties or fiestas.

Unfortunately, the battery of my camera drained so I have no pictures of the food… 😦

That’s it for now.. Happy ‘Linggo ng Wika”…



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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

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  2. Oh my goodness, Andrea — and those children — are just way too cute naman! And thanks for the pic of the kutsinta — among the favorites of my apo’s Jun and Gabriel (as well as their Mommy). So wonderful to see the little ones in costume.

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  8. Wonderful photos! Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life events as seen through the lens of my camera.

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