Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Terence S. Jones of A Guy With a Camera. Read on for more about this week’s theme and his photography tips!

Urban. The idea behind urban photography is to photograph your city and the streets where you grew up as they are.

Let me cut the explanation to that and here’s my share…

This is basically the street (melchor st Katipunan) I grew up with since we moved in 26 years ago. Nothing so unusual, except that it was busier and became crowded.  Look, houses sitting next to each other and a lot of cars parked outside and it annoys me. Why would the new neighbor buy and live in a townhouse that has a parking lot good enough for 1 or two cars? We only have one, btw. They have 4 or more and they just park it outside. The wide street suddenly became so narrow and it is no longer safe to play outside unlike before. There’s nothing I can do about it and you just have to accept and live with it as it is. Sad to say. But don’t get me wrong, our village (Varsity Hills) is one of the safest as we have a guard house 24/7 and we also have the latest technology we all need these days, CCTV.

Even if I am already married, I am still staying here with my mom, daughter, nephew and niece. We Filipinos are family oriented individuals and we prefer to stay close to one another. Of course, you have the freedom to choose. My husband’s work is far and he is planning to work abroad just like the parents of my nephew and niece, who works in Dubai (their mom) and Kuwait (my brother, their dad). That’s the reality most of us have to give a better future for our kids. We have to sacrifice a lot for our children and you just have to explain to them what’s happening. Again, thanks to internet, being able to bridge the gap between distance and time.

This is inside our townhouse, see, the parking lot is only designed for 1 or two cars.

You might be wondering why I am dressed up. It’s not solely for this challenge, but because I (together w my hubby) attended a seminar hosted by my daughter’s school today. The aim is to give tips and guide to become a better parent. They gave workshop in between topics that you have to answer and share in 20 minutes. It only ran half a day so I only wish it lasted at least a day.

They explained the Magic of Touch.

1. Didn’t you know that spinal column massage can do a lot of good things to your child? I didn’t. It supplies more oxygen and nutrients to flow if you massage often in this area.  By doing so, it helps them to grow taller, healthier and happier kids.

2. Massaging two inches away from the spinal column can help calm your child. This usually works if your child is having a tantrum or she/he not feeling so well. Instead of tapping your child, you should stroke at the back. Tapping means suppressing them from their feelings which is not good.

They gave us the 7 packages for parent empowerment.

1. Recognize we are human. Be humble and maintain positive self esteem. We have to understand that we can only improve but we can never be a perfect parent.

2. Recognize we are playing a percentage game. Meaning, there are contributors outside the house that can affect our child’s well being. So, we have to use fair and consistent discipline.

3. Recognize our children are not the only things in life.

4. Recognize that parenting is an on-going process.

5. Recognize the power of being positive.

6. Recognize the need to be firm.

7. Recognize we need God’s help.

At the end of those pointers and strategies presented, they asked us what specific item/s do we need to focus more. So, what do you think?

By the way, I am so loving my dress which I bought in BAYO. It’s proudly Philippine made but they do ship internationally. They have added a new line Love, Bayo which aim is to target the teens. So why where they able to shoot me..hhehehe.


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