SUNDAY POST :From a Distance (Anilao, Batangas)

What a nice theme for the week and it reminded me of the song ‘From a Distance’ by Bette Midler. I’m sure you all know this song. Perfect background music as well since it’s almost midnight. I want to do my share for the challenge right away coz tomorrow will be another work week for me. Yes, I have work on a Sunday and my off is Friday and Saturday. This schedule is actually my personal choice so don’t worry about me.

Checking on my archive of photos, I have a lot of long shot collections. Let me just share the trip we had in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines. We stayed in Outrigger Resort way back in May of 2009. It was just on overnight stay ‘coz we just want to take a quick break of the usual city life. Just sort of a ‘breather’ from all the stress, drama, problems that we had at that time. The place was really nice with friendly staff and good food. We had a clean and comfortable room. The price was not that expensive but not that cheap. Our room was 1500 per person,  it’s worth it.

Batangas is just perfect if you want to go to the beach and you don’t have concrete plans or you just felt the need to go right away. It’s only 2-3 hour drive from Manila. You’ll find a lot of 5 star resorts there. We’re actually planning to go to Acuatico, a 5 star resort with infinity pool.  Lovely place but oh so expensive. Need to save up for that.

Anilao is the best diving spot in Batangas. Read more about it here:

More photos

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Batangas is a first class province of the Philippines located on the southwestern part of Luzon in the CALABARZON region. Its capital is Batangas City and it is bordered by the provinces of Cavite and Laguna to the north and Quezon to the east. Across theVerde Island Passages to the south is the island of Mindoro and to the west lies the South China Sea. Poetically, Batangas is often referred to by its ancient name Kumintang.

Batangas is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Metro Manila. The province has many beaches and is famous for excellent diving spots including Anilao in Mabini, Sombrero Island in Tingloy, Ligpo Island in Bauan, these areas more popularly known as Anilao. Matabungkay in Lian, Punta Fuego in NasugbuCalatagan and Laiya in San Juan.

Batangas is also where Taal Volcano, one of the Decade Volcanoes is located. It is also where the Taal Heritage town lies, a small picturesque town that has ancestral houses and structures dating back to the 19th century. ~ WIKIPEDIA

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