Travel theme: Sunset

My song for today… Friday slow down.

This picture was taken in January of 2011 in Mindanao.

Remember my previous post when we went there for my lola’s birthday?

My brother was a newbie in photography by then and he wants to practice sunset photos. This picture was one of those he took. I told Sam to kiss me just to add sweetness, like a mother and daughter kinda thing.

This picture made me reminisce on what happened that night. Β This place was an open area and you have to go down the long stairs to reach the point where we were standing. The road going there was so dark, ‘coz this area in the province doesn’t have any light post. So, we went there of course to see the beach and relax with the family. Finally, we went back and climb the stairs after shooting and bonding. We were almost home when I realized that I left my cellphone at the beach. We went there with a dozen but I went back only with one companion. Really scary ‘coz it’s so dark and I felt like someone was watching us and the road going back seemed so long. But I have to get my cp back coz my husband gave that to me as a Christmas gift. We searched the area and I was really getting sick and nervous. Sick because I’m getting worried as my daughter was crying when we parted and nervous that something creepy might really happen. I don’t know if you ever heard about scary stories in provinces. Anyway, luckily someone who lives nearby helped us. After an hour of searching.. voila, found it. It was on a rock where my daughter made peep. Since I got my phone back, all I care about was to reach home. We hurried back and careless on what’s around us. Finally, safe and sound at home. AND I did not experience those creepy stories I know. Or, was it only my wild imagination that made me crazy?

So, don’t just leave your things anywhere and unattended especially if your husband (or boyfriend, yaya ) is not around to look after you. πŸ™‚

More shots from that evening…

My sis-in-law

My eldest brother, Kuya Jing and his wife… (the one who took the picture was my 3rd brother, Kuya Martin, the 2nd, Kuya Mao, wasn’t here as he was staying in Dubai that time)

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