Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Gary Ng of Gnostec Photography. Read on for more about this week’s theme and his photography tips!

Merge. The world is made up of many things. There is a saying that opposites attract, and this is true for relationships and other things. What about photography? Many surprises can come out of merging two different entities into one. Sometimes this fusion of the elements is what we call art.

This is my version of Merge. See how lovely art, culture and people merge in these pictures.

According to Wikipedia, Fiesta, a Spanish word that means “party”, “feast” or “festival“. Our country is so rich in Fiestas. It is a part of Filipino culture. Every provinces has their own scheduled Fiesta. Actually, each month we have one. Some are really known attracting tourists to come. Who wouldn’t resist this kind of feast? You’ll see parade of street dancers with beautiful costumes, painted faces and loud native music. Houses offer food to share to everyone in some provinces, like the one I attended in Mindanao. Some have pageants, dance contest and costumes.

According to Alejandro Roces of Phil Star, What the fiesta does is tell the story of localities, and in doing so it tells the story of the Philippines. The fiesta is living tradition.

If you are interested, you are most welcome to visit us. Here’s the list of Philippine Fiestas and choose what suits you:


When: April 16, 2011

What: Aliwan Fiesta

Where: Roxas Boulevard CCP Complex, between the CCP Complex and Quirino Grandstand

Photographer: Martin Lambo

More entries at:


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