Sun is UP

Aren’t we so blessed…. the sun is up! FINALLY, you are here! I’m not gonna let you go! Everybody is waiting for you to come out. I have been praying for a good weather the whole week because today is our schedule for passport renewal. The new DFA (Dept of Foreign Affairs) is too far from where we live, so we definitely need the sun. And of course, we should not forget, some parts in Manila still have floods. So we need sunshine and hopefully it will now continue to subside. There is always a rainbow after the rain. All the storms will go away, I know.

So happy, me, my daughter Sam (red umbrella) and my niece Andrea (blue umbrella) went out and embraced the heat before leaving. Thank you Lord!

Ever so ‘kulit’ Andrea.

Go model your new shoes Sam.

Cute dimple baby!

Pretty Sam!

What happened Andie..hahaha

The sun is shining on us and please don’t go away quickly. Hopefully tomorrow it will be as bright as today coz it’s my nephew’s birthday and we are set to go to Fun Ranch.

Before I end my post, let me just comment DFA for a job well done. The new system is so stress free. We only stayed less than an hour. You will just have to take 3 steps and you are done. Since you are scheduled to go, the place is no longer crowded unlike before. The staffs are so friendly especially window 12 of the receiving, encoding desk (step 1). I forgot his name, sorry. I left with a smile and am I so surprised. Usually, if you are gonna get government documents, the experience is always horrible. But this is so much different. So, congratulations, well done guys! Now, the only question I have in mind is, Will I get it on time without any delay?

If you want to apply for a new, renewal or lost passport, just simply click the link below:

More about my daughter at:


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