Lightbox Photobooth

If you have read my previous posts, you will see some beautiful pictures that my brother took, well most of it actually. He is a photography enthusiast. He has this inner talent as you can see. He joined some workshops from experienced photographers to harness the skill. For such a short time, he has mastered this craft.  He is excellent in all subjects, may it be landscape, portrait shots, moving shots, etc. I’m really proud of him.

It all really started as a hobby..and now they are starting their own photography business. What a nice way to share your talent to others and capture their precious moments. I know it will grow and will come a long way. Of course, with the help of my loving ever dependable sister in law, I’m pretty sure of it.

Let me announce and share to all of you that my brother, Martin Lambo and his wife Malou lambo recently launched their business, the Lightbox Photobooth.  Please visit their website found at the bottom. They have a competitive rate, awesome props and the latest equipment.  They have a limited offer of 2 hours free photography only this August. What are you waiting for guys? Grab the opportunity…

Most of my readers are outside the Philippines, fyi, they are only available here in the Philippines (Luzon area). But who knows?

My favorite shot of them

This is not a pre-nup picture because they are already married for 8 years. They look good together, right?

                                                                                                 Big Apple – Feb 9, 2012

Forgive me brother for posting your ‘nginig’ picture.. hahahaa… We, Filipinos are not really used to this kind of climate.

Official website:

Share the good news!!!!

By the way, this past week was so hectic as it’s the 1st quarterly exam of my daughter. So, I’m really really busy and don’t have that much time for blogging. 🙂 I think I have to set a schedule for this… Hmmm.. Busy mom here… 🙂


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