Travel Theme : SIGNS

Another week, another exciting theme.

SIGN – so short of a word yet it connotes soooo many things. Is it a gesture? Is it a zodiac sign, lol? Or a lettered board like a signage?

Let me just play around with it and I think I’d pick something that is not so obvious and will depend on the person who’s seeing the ‘sign’.

Examine the picture below, what do you think is the sign?

What about this picture I took at Kish Island, Iran?

Look through my baby’s eyes during her 5th birthday party. What do you see?

My nephew cleaning???

If you see a black cat cross your path?

Oh, this one is a little obvious.

That’s about it ‘coz each time I see a picture, I think of its hidden meaning. Is it a bad SIGN?

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7 thoughts on “Travel Theme : SIGNS

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