Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

                                                                                                        View from our house

Clearly there’s something wrong in this picture. Flood should have not been there in our beautiful neighborhood. This was the result of the monsoon rain that won’t stop from pouring down in the main island of Luzon. The rain and flooding were exacerbated by recent Tropical Storm Haikui, the Philippines weather service said. Haikui made landfall on the east coast of China early Wednesday. Classes were suspended, even the private sectors don’t have work. Many of you have heard the story of this recent tragedy in our country, Philippines. Some lost their homes, pets and even lives. National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said that most of the deaths were from drowning, from electrocution or in landslides associated with the rain and floods.

The rain finally subsided as of today. But there are still some parts in the metro that has flooded streets. As a result, thousands are  still in emergency shelters and it may take a while to leave.

The good thing about this is that you will see how Filipinos unite. Those who are not affected extended their help to reach out to those in need. Donations of clothes, medicines and food are pouring in sheltered areas. Many has sacrificed their own lives to save others even civilians not just the army or police.

That’s the beauty in the midst of tragedy.

For those who are reading my post, please say a little prayer for us. Thank you so much.

Read more stories at http://ph.news.yahoo.com/appeal-help-two-million-phillipine-flood-victims-040932641.html

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. I hope things get better soon. Will pray for you and the people of the Philippines.
    (BTW, I almost chose a flood image for the ‘wrong’ theme too.)

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