Travel theme: Flowers

I came across another page with weekly challenge. Since I am new here, this activity  will help me a lot. It is something to be excited about each week. I can learn a lot from different people through their experiences, pictures and the like. I also discovered a new community here which shares the same passion that I have. I am so glad I chose wordpress. ๐Ÿ™‚

In response to the challenge, I chose my bridal bouquet of red roses. We all love red roses as they are the traditional symbol for love and romance. They are also the most beautiful among all the roses.

Desire is another facet of the red rose. The red rose expresses the throbbing heat of new love, a passionate expression of attraction. Red is the color of consummation, of raging desires and craving passion. The meaning of the red rose then is quite apparent from its color itself. Red rose speaks of love that awaits a passionate expression.  —

Here are the pictures of my red roses and I hope you like it.

I am beside the most beautiful mom. Don’t you guys agree?


6 thoughts on “Travel theme: Flowers

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