It’s More Fun in the Philippines: ZAMBALES

Zambales is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Luzon region. Its capital is Iba. With a land area of 3,700 km2, Zambales is the second largest among the seven provinces of Central Luzon. It has a population density of 150 people per square kilometer², one of the lowest in the country. The province is noted for its mangoes, which are abundant from January to April.

We stayed at Canoe Beach Resort which is a great place to stay. There are a lot of activities that the resort can organize for you like island hopping, mountain trekking, fishing, snorkeling and discovering nearby coves.  We then organized island hopping to Anawangin Cove. There are other coves by the way like Camara, Capones Nagsasa.

The Anawangin Cove is by far the most popular destination for campers and beach goers alike. Just the mention of the name Zambales will ring a bell for those who have gone to the cove that a trip to Pundaquit is never complete without feeling Anawangin’s mixture of volcanic ash and white sand beneath your feet.

If you want to learn more about the other coves, click the link below:


                                                  inside the resort

                                                  Pool Side at Canoe Beach Resort

                                                  on our way to Anawangin

                                                  finally at Anawangin


                                                  found a river

                                                pine trees

                                                  We were tired from playing against the waves.

                                                  lovely rock formation

                                                   time to go back to  Canoe

                                                   on our way back


What do you think of the place?


9 thoughts on “It’s More Fun in the Philippines: ZAMBALES

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