SM Megatrade Hall 1 and 2: Shoes and Bags Sale

For those who are fanatic of shoes and bags or for those who just simply needs one for school, now is the best time to go to Megamall ‘coz they have this crazy sale until Sunday from 10am to 10pm. Located at the 5th floor, Megatrade Hall with free admission.Yesterday was the first day, so there are still a lot more to choose from. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, you know how the crowd gets wild. I bought last night 2 pairs of rubber shoes for Sam (my daughter). From Php 900 down to Php 199 for Elle rubber shoes and the other one is barbie rubber shoes prized Php 399 down from Php 900 which is what she wore today for PE.  I surprised her when she woke up earlier. 🙂

The selections are endless from luggage to clutch bags, from sandals to rubber shoes for all ages.  I saw chicco, Ollie, Fisher price, Dora, Barbie, Crocs, Adidas, Nike, etc for children and the prices are really cheap. Told mom to go, and hopefully we can go later as I still want to buy more for Sam. I’m not really a shoe and bag fanatic so, I just have to shop for her. I need to get another Elle shoes I am eyeing. Unluckily, I haven’t found a size last night..ts tsk.

I will just post pictures later….  This is the best time to go, see yah!

Here’s a comeback music video o f Kyla with Kamikazee to pump up your mood!


We are finally home! As usual, it’s ever so tiring to go to the mall.

Here’s how it looks like inside the sale, only in the Philippines…

Here are the pairs of rubber shoes we got for only Php 199.00

Yeheey, I found Sam’s size.

Here are some I saw that you might like for the same price

Shoes we bought for Sam, Andrea (my niece) and Aaron (my nephew)

So traffic,even inside the parking lot!

That’s it for now. Hope you can drop by. Happy shopping!


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