Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

As I was browsing wordpress, I notice that there’s this weekly challenge and the theme is purple. Am I just lucky? The first thing that came into my mind was my big day on Dec 19, 2010. The motif we chose was purple with a little touch of gold. It’s not really my favorite color. Can’t really think of any at that time. Seriously, I really don’t have a favorite color. Anyway, just to set your mood, click on the music video and listen to my wedding song while I was walking down the aisle.

I am not used to be the center of attention. Can you just imagine how I felt while walking? I had mixed feelings of happiness, anxiousness, excitement and most of all, worried that I might get tripped. Luckily I didn’t. So, you know what’s the next story was, the crying and all when my mom turned me over to the groom. 😉

When we were already seated, that’s when we, me and louie felt relaxed during the wedding. I remember the priest’s sermon, always be faithful to your partner. That line always rings into my head every time we have a fight and it really helps. I felt calm after.

Just remember, for those who are planning to get married some day, tying the knot is not a bed of roses. So, you should choose the right partner, make sure that you both love one another and make God as the center of your relationship. Or else, you know what’s going to happen….

Here are some of the pictures from the wedding…

These pictures are courtesy of my brother, Martin, except the 5th and 6th photo which are taken by our photographer.

Just to add to the theme, pictures down below also from my brother taken on Feb 2011 pyromusical in MOA. Hope you like it as much as I do.

God bless us everyone!


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